Buying My Grandmother a Canister Vacuum

It was just the other day that my grandmother told me here vacuum really sucked! Jokes aside, it really did. I decided to go out and buy her a canister vacuum cleaner, and after reading reviews, I found the perfect one for her. If you don’t know what a canister vacuum is, it is essentially a regular vacuum except lightweight, high-powered, and maneuverable.


I’m not sure how many people have Grandparents with a distinct “old-person smell” but, in my grandmother’s case, her house did. I actually didn’t bring it up, she had just mentioned it in conversation one day. “Dennis, this house stinks!” I said Gram, I couldn’t agree more. She then brought me over to her vacuum and had me take a look. My first impression was I didn’t know they made vacuums that old. Even the colors of the vacuum looked dated, from maybe the 80’s. Without being rude, I asked her how much she vacuumed her house, and she replied twice a week. So then I asked what sort of vacuum was she looking for? She has tons of low lying furniture and she is getting too old to move things around to clean under them. Canister vacuums are the best option for this and after looking at Canister Vacuum Experts, I decided that future proofing her with a top of the line Miele was the best option.

If you have a lot of furniture in your house, things like coffee tables, beds, tables, sofas, etc…then you know the struggles of being able to vacuum under them with an upright. Now imagine those struggles inside an 80-year-old woman’s body. As you can see the choice was obvious in going with a canister that was maneuverable and capable of cleaning under her furniture.

Now onto, allergens, HEPA, and hypoallergenic vacuums. This is something to keep in mind. My grandmother has lived in the same house for 40-50 years, longer than I’ve been alive. She has the same carpet in her living room and being able to get rid of any dust, debris, and allergens is crucial. Miele line of vacuums come equipped with HEPA filters that ensure 99.9% of allergens are trapped so they can’t get into the air. Before my grandfather passed he had installed hardwood floors throughout the house, except for this area, and luckily Canisters are the best vacuum for hardwood flooring. They have the strongest suction power of any vacuum and are considered in Europe to be the most widely used.


The next thing to consider is whether or not you want a bagged vacuum or bagless. In this case keeping the HEPA filter in mind, we opted for a bagged vacuum. This does require regular changing but this isn’t something that she isn’t used to. Bagless options are well and good but both of our experiences show us that they are just far less superior in comparison to bagged options like the Miele.

Hopefully, this article helped you gain some perspective on vacuum cleaner purchasing as well as options to weigh before going out and spending a fortune on one. Just keep in mind you want to think of what’s best for you, and being able to future proof yourself when it comes to vacuums or any technology for that matter is essential.

UPDATE: My grandmother has been using her vacuum cleaner wonderfully. She has had no complaints over-all. She went with was the Miele after much research she decided it was the perfect choice for her. You can learn more about these vacuums by finding buying guides online, at least that’s what we did.

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