Corded Vs battery-powered electric chainsaw

Chainsaws were invented to make the work of the sawyer easy. For homeowners it will be confusing to know that there are different types of chainsaws in the market. If you are planning to buy an electric chainsaw for yourself you should know about the types in the market and how they work. This article is a comparison between the two types of electric chainsaws available in the market so that you can decide which one to buy.

An electric chainsaw is one type of mechanic chainsaw that can be run on electricity. They are probably the best electric chainsaw for homeowners as the motor in the electric chainsaw can take power from a battery or an electric cord. So in electric chainsaws itself, you can find two types of chainsaws – corded and battery-powered. From the name itself you can understand the differences. The advantage of having an electric chainsaw is that they do not produce fumes (exhaust) from the combustion of the fuels. Not only that, since these chainsaws are not heavy it is easy to use them. Even an inexperienced sawyer can use them.

Corded Electric chainsaw: These are one of the smallest chainsaws that can be plugged into a power outlet to work with. Since there is no fuel used these saws do not need an engine to work. This electric chainsaw is not portable because it should be plugged into a power source always. In your yards, you can make use of extension cords or power outlets outside your house. If you are using extension cords you have to make sure that they are powerful extension cords between 12-gauge to 14-gauge. Unless you have a portable generator you cannot use corded chainsaws to fell trees. Like gasoline chainsaws, the corded chainsaws cannot be used for tasks that need more power. However, this can be used to cut small trees and thick branches.

There is another disadvantage for a corded electric chainsaw. Since you have to keep the chainsaw plugged into a power source to work, it may be risky to use in wooded areas. The cord may get tangled in between the wood or trunks can fall on the chainsaw or portable generator. But they are not that costly when compared to the battery-powered chainsaws or gasoline chainsaws.

Battery-powered electric chainsaw: From the name itself you would have understood how these chainsaws are operated. They come with rechargeable batteries that can be charged before use (The product will also contain a charger). This means you need not buy fuel for the engine or you do not have the restriction of the cord. However, if you do not have multiple batteries in stock the amount of the work that can be accomplished at a time will be limited.

These types of electric chainsaws are ideal for small house works like pruning and trimming small trees. They have less power when compared to the corded electric chainsaws. But when it comes to the cost of the battery-powered chainsaws are costlier than other chainsaw types.

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